Ongoing Physics Classes

Contact me if you wish to join!

  • SJPO Sec 1 Physics (Introduction) - Mon (7pm-9pm)
  • SJPO Sec 3 Physics (Intermediate) - Sat (10.30am-12pm)
  • IPhO Training (Advanced) - Tue (8pm-10pm) & Thu (8pm-10pm)

About Me

Chien Hao is a passionate learner and Physics educator. At the age of 13, he fell in love with Physics after watching famous lecturer Walter Lewin's series on Physics. He then went on to self-study Physics, achieving numerous accomplishments. He has dreams of being a Professor in Theoretical Physics.

He teaches Physics on his Youtube channels SJPO and H3 Physics. He also gives lectures at the National Team Training.

Chien Hao believes that every student, under the proper guidance, can easily pick upseemingly advanced concepts and theories. He is confident that not only will he prepare his students to ace the Olympiad, but also instil a lifelong passion for Physics in them.